Dossiers Techniques : Les interfaces MIDI

Cable MIDI pour Carte Son. (Merci Nico :

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Making you own PC-Midi interface for an MPU401 card.


Join me for a walk trough the schematic.

At the top we see...

-J1. Incoming signal-R2. Current limiting resistor

-D1. Reverse voltage protection (static discharge)

-ISO1. Optocoupler 6N138 !-R1. Pull up resistor

Down below you find...

-J2. OUT plug-R3,R4 Current limit resistors

-P1. Connector to the PC's soundcard

All VCCs should be connected together, all GNDs should be connected together.


This circuit can most certainly be build on a piece of pre-printed (and predrilled) PCB. The profs amongst us can design a PCB is they like.


This circuit will fit into a standard sub-d housing. The two DIN plugs can beattached to the circuit by two pieces of cable. If you're setup is fixed(and/or you have easy acces to your cabling), you can even consider mounting2 MALE DIN plugs onto longer cables and plug these strait into yourkeyboard/synthesizer. This will save you two MIDI cables (and some work ifyou've read the other page about making your own cables.)

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